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Ryen [userpic]
PLANNING: getting here~
by Ryen (curseangel)
at August 2nd, 2010 (04:47 pm)

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I'm so sorry for being an absentee planner, everyone! Please forgive me. Things have been madhouse here, and I'm trying to catch up!

This is the post for planning how you're getting to NYC!

Planes, trains, and cars -- oh my! ♥


Posted by: little_nameless (little_nameless)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2010 09:59 pm (UTC)
little nameless

How to get there:

Plane - If god meant me to fly I would have wings, not big boobs. XD I'm scared of heights, but I know a couple of the folks from Texas said something about flying in, and since they're further away, that's likely cheaper. Distance and price are big factors for travel.

Train - If you got it, you got it. I don't. The nearest one is still a bus ride away and is WAY more expensive than I expected! >-< Owch. My non-existent fun cries in pain already.

Bus - They go everywhere. This is going to be my preferred method of transport, as it's nearly half the cost of the train, though still expensive. It will be a 22 hour ride, but from Indiana to New York, that really isn't bad.

Personal auto-mobile - If you like to drive and have the time and inclination, have at it. Probably more reliable than any of the other methods, but there are always the oopses of accidents, expensive gas costs and the inevitable flat tire. Never fails, huh? I'd drive myself, but my poor car is a poop and won't hardly make it around my own town, let alone outside it. XD


I am taking the Greyhound (may is hoary soul rot for the three day ride I took last time that sucked nuts...) because it's my cheapest and most reliable option. The Amtrak is the only train out here and it's like 200+ dollars! The bus will only be about 130 dollars. o-o; BUS IT IS! XD

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