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Ryen [userpic]
PLANNING: the meet location!
by Ryen (curseangel)
at August 2nd, 2010 (05:06 pm)

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This thread is for brainstorming and planning the meet location!

Suggested locations so far include Borders, a museum, or similar location.

Right now, I'd love to look into a museum meet-up... I'm hoping to call sometime and see what the AMNH or the Met has to say about group meetings in their space, though I don't know that there will be enough of us to require a special, dedicated space or anything.

One thought I'd had recently, while visiting the American Museum of Natural History, was that the "turret" seating area on the fourth floor could make an excellent meeting space -- it's just a round "room" off of the hall of mammalian ancestors (I think-- the one with the sloth skeletons and the saber-tooth tiger) with a bunch of benches around it in a circle. The nice part is that I know the AMNH allows photography in the museum. The downside is that it's pretty crowded there during the summer holidays, and while having the meet in early/mid June should keep us from the worst of the tourist crowds, there'll still probably be a lot of people-- it's the AMNH!

(There are, of course, other possible meeting areas / seating areas in the AMNH. That one's just the coolest, as long as no one has anything against, well, fossils! Srsly, I want a pic of Fai with the T-Rex.)

Another consideration is the Cloisters Museum up here in Washington Heights. It might be a little bit harder to find - you have to take the subway up, then an elevator, and finally take a bus to the museum itself. It is gorgeous, though. And -- better yet -- it's right at the edge of a huge, beautiful park (Fort Tryon Park). I've taken pictures in Fort Tryon Park before, if anyone wants a look I can dig them up.

The only issue/consideration when it comes to museums is that they will check your bags upon entry. I'm fairly certain they only check for food and drinks (which are not allowed) and weapons, but if you're uncomfortable with having to open your doll-bag and show what's inside, speak now. ;P Another potential problem is that "luggage" (in all of its nebulous definitions) is not allowed in the museums... so if we go for a museum-based meet, we would have to get in touch with the museum staff ahead of time and make sure that doll-bags would be okay to bring.

Pluses to museum meets include amazing scenery both inside and outside for picture-taking (AMNH is across the street from Central Park, and the Cloisters is inside of Fort Tryon Park), a chance to browse the museum while having fun with all of us ;P, and food being readily available (AMNH has several cafes with seating space inside of the museum, including a cafeteria -- the food's expensive and the quality is dubious, but it is food; they tend to have snacks and stuff, too. For the money, I'd rather drag you all to my favorite area pizza place, though *giggle*).

So... what do you guys think? Talk it out, and I'll work on finding more potential spaces for us ;P


Posted by: equineaurora (equineaurora)
Posted at: August 27th, 2010 04:22 pm (UTC)

ohhh A Museum sounds cool. That's one place the dolls have not been yet. I have no problems opening the doll bag for them to see my darlings. They'll probably be wig-less but at least dressed.

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